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slowly normal

10 Oct

Four days on and Fitow’s legacy is finally starting leave Ningbo, or at least my part of the city.


The road is pretty much dry and the river’s water level has dropped a smidgen.



However, parts of Ningbo city and it’s surrounding area remain under water, with no electricity or running water. Entire families have taken shelter at schools because their homes are currently unlivable. Instant noodles, bottled water and cans of congee have been provided, alongside a limited number of blankets.

The water may be receding but it has picked up rubbish, mud and debris on its journey, much of which will be left on the streets of Ningbo, in the flooded houses and abandoned cars. There will be a big clean up job after the water has gone.

In the words of the Ningbo TV anchorman “宁波加油!”



it’s good to talk

9 Oct

He must be out of credit already. That’s one of the problems with mobile phones, if you run out of credit you can’t even receive a phone call. I turned on the television and watched clips of flooded streets and good samaritans. When I popped outside yesterday I couldn’t even bring myself to cross the road, there was stuff floating in the water and on the curb I could see a small child peeing into the mix. I was wearing sandals. No way.

Today, however, I must face the murky waters. I need to buy mobile phone credit for the fella and I. He’s in Wuxi right now and I know he’ll have no time to go shopping. He’s testing the waters of Wuxi for teaching martial arts. I looked at my wellies and sighed. Just do it.


I reached a crossroad. Oh no. I could see that the water in the road was knee high. It’ll breach my defenses. BUT on the other corner is a convenience store. My precious booty is in sight. What do I do? Do I turn home and keep my feet dry or do I man up and wade on? Just how much do I want to speak to my husband anyway?



If only I were a duck

8 Oct


October’s Golden Holiday drew to a close yesterday and this morning many parts of Ningbo were flooded. I had a sneaky suspicion this would be the case. With the exception of the odd half-hour break, it pretty much rained non-stop yesterday.  Where exactly is all that water going to go? Welcome typhoon Fitow. Well, almost. Luckily, Fitow’s eye never met us and we were spared the crazy wind speeds.


I spent yesterday admiring the rain. Who’d have thought water could do that? One moment it’s drizzling, which reminded me of good old London, then the next it’s proper torrential. At one point, I could have sworn it sounded like it was raining marbles, the type of rain that could skin you alive.


After spending two years in the dry city of Handan, I had started to miss rain – what with me coming from London and all. In Handan last year there was a period of six months without a speck of rain. Whereas in Ningbo yesterday the sky dumped between 342mm and 702mm of rain. I can’t really complain. I’d rather be in Ningbo with the rainwater instead of Handan, which seems to be under yet another cloud of pollution this week. Progress, wonderful isn’t it?


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